Late introduction

I guess my first post should have really been my second one, but oh well.  I should probably shed some light on who I am? I’m a 25 year old male, tattoo-clad, I work in healthcare, permanent nightshift, mainly for the frail elderly but on occasion people with challenging behaviour.  I stream on Twitch Tv whenever it is possible for me to do so, which is a great passion of mine, the gaming community is great for me. 

I met the girl of my dreams through work, though we do not work together often as she is a bank worker.  First time I ever seen her beautiful smile, I was in love.  Her sultry voice, her perfect wavy mermaid-like hair, those dark eyes, cute cheeks, i was in awe at this goddess standing before me.  I’m surprised we hit it off as well as we did, just before Christmas 2015, I even left my previous relationship because my perfect Emma was in my every waking, and sleeping thought.  

We eventually progressed into what we are now, still without an official title, but truly in love.  I spend every free minute with her, in ecstasy in her company, she understands me, doesn’t judge if I cut myself when feeling down, does everything in her power to make me feel at home in her arms, she is the only one for me, my reason to be alive.  I still have the bad days, and she blames herself for those, though she’s the only one keeping me sane, I feel terrible for turning her life upside down like this, I only hope she will forgive me if I decide to go too far.  I love you, my perfect angel.  


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