Is this it? 

This is the day I had set for the end of my life, I completed the necessary amount of pills that will take my life, and I think my beloved is onto my plan, though with her shift pattern, it would be cruel of me to survive at this rate, taking her away from work. […]

Oh, it’s me again! 

Oh, Hi! Hm.  I’m not sure how to begin this time, do you guys ever just lie awake at night, scan through your life, weigh up pros and cons and wonder if it’s all really worth it? My thoughts have become increasingly darker, and I appear to have no roads left, but one.   If […]

Another day, another dark hole?

Here we go again, I used to wake up from my sleep, and it would keep my darkness at bay, or take the dog (he’s half bavarian hound, half labrador) a walk to clear my mind, and if those methods failed, I would resort to my faithful and unforgiving razors to carve at my skin, […]

Late introduction

I guess my first post should have really been my second one, but oh well.  I should probably shed some light on who I am? I’m a 25 year old male, tattoo-clad, I work in healthcare, permanent nightshift, mainly for the frail elderly but on occasion people with challenging behaviour.  I stream on Twitch Tv […]

Depression eating my relationship

I suppose recently I have been going through a hard time, much like everybody else these days.  I hate my job, when it used to be my place of healing, it’s now my place of destruction.  My perfect girl, my Emma.  She’s the cure to my depression.  She seems to understand and tries her best […]